Saturday, 2 October 2010

Rustic Seascape.

This Post features some of my Photographs I took with the theme of Rustic Seascape in mind.
I like how the seaside has been slowly weathering away the subjects, creating more character, texture and feeling to the picture.
But I will let you decide about that...

Hope you liked them!


This post features a selection of Photographs of some Statues and sculptures I like.
I prefer shooting Statues and sculptures in black and white, I feel it helps contrast the shadow creating more depth and emotion out of the subject.

Free French Memorial - Lyle Hill - Greenock.
Fuengirola beach statue of Virgen Del Carmen - Spain.
Troon War Memorial.
Troon Anchor.
Troon War Memorial.
Glasgows Duke of Wellington Statue.

Seaside Structure.

The following post is a selection of photographs reflecting the theme of Seaside Structure.
Growing up in a small seaside town, I have certain appeal towards the coast. I like the rustic, wind battered and wave washed texture. I like how the contrasting depth between black and white helps highlight the industrial, mixture of wood and metal which can usually be found along the coast.

Silloth Harbour.

Skinburness Lighthouse.

Greenock Shipyard.

Port Glasgow Shipyard.

Fuengirola Beach - Spain.

Skinburness Lighthouse.

UpsideDown Water Scape

The following post is a selection of photographs I took on various photography trips around Cumbria.
The theme for this post is titled UpsideDown Water Scape.
Water is a very interesting subject, it has a strong and somewhat primal character which I love.
For this project, I played around with the image, turning it upside down, in attempt to give you a different perspective and meaning of the photograph.

I hope you like it!

Small Rowboat Silently Still.

Lonesome Cottage lakeside retreat.

Rustic Boathouse.

Water Tree.