Sunday, 30 May 2010

Traditional Photography

Photography is my muse, I love it.
I was given the opportunity, in my first year at University, to attend a Traditional Photography class. The course taught me how to shoot properly with film, it taught me to develop film by myself, and process the result. It was fantastic, and really contributed to my passion in photography. The opportunity to process and print my own photos was very appealing to me. I love the fact you have full control to the outcome, and really take full part of the process. I have always felt there is something less about simply handing your film over the counter, for a machine to do all the work for you.

The following photographs are some examples of my work.

Photo taken in a back street in Carlisle.
Test strip
Scaffolding Photograph shot in alley behind the old Wheel nightclub in Carlisle.
Photo taken in Troon's "The Rocks".
Roof Tile Test Strip taken in Carlisle rooftop.

The video is a short photographic slideshow of the majority of my best work in that class.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

David Ford - Live Session Recording.

In my second year at the University of Cumbria - studying Media Production - We were given the amazing opportunity to film a live session performed by one of my favourite singer/songwriters David Ford. I am a very big fan of his music.
It was an amazing and a very memorable learning experience for me.

The following photos and video are a selection of some photographs I took whilst we set up the stage, and during sound check.
In some of the photos I messed around with shutter speed to try and capture the movement.